Specimen Collection


In the corner of the exhibition is a small room. Five fictional specimens are placed inside, and five folded cards with text are on the opposite wall in the corresponding positions.

#1 Ocean Blue
Petri dish,glass, fish line, fishing hooks, resin

“When I was a child, I had never seen the ocean and I always wonder what kind of blue the ocean was because people call different blues all ocean blue. Watching the ocean surface on Google earth, the blue transition from dark to light, that is the ocean is moving towards land.”

#2 繁足水绒花
Specimen bottle, silicone, acrylic, oil-based dye, water

“繁足水绒花 with lovely form and brightly colored bodies are rare. They have soft and flexible bodies that fluoresce under UV light. During the courtship stage, they reduce movement and attached to object, while secreting green gel-like substance to attract mates for mass reproduction.”

#3 Algae Fountain
Glass, wire

“The flowing water can’t stop the extreme eutrophication, and the algae gushes with the fountain, flipping 360° to enjoy the sunlight.”

#4 Reproduction Study
Specimen bottle, fake flowers

“I collected the stamens of many kinds of artificial flowers, and try to get more answer about the reproductions organ of artificial flowers through long-term observation and research.”

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