Until that day,



Something like a wall separates a large space and then encloses it to form a small space.

It is a building, an apartment, a room, a cabinet, it is water held in my hand.

My new life began with a freshly painted space.


There is a square mirror on the wall in the bathroom so that I can see my face every day. My sleepy face in the morning, my sleepy face in the evening.

I cannot find my face in the make-up mirror the soft mirror that bypassed me, refracting everything around me but not me.

Everything in it is flowing for more than a moment.

I have to stare at the soft mirror from the wall mirror, and from this hard mirror, I found evidence that the soft mirror was a stationary thing.

Yes, every detail in the picture is static, objectively existent, fake flowers that do not wither, pins that do not rust.

50*50*13.2 cm
Stone clay, glass mirror, soft mirror, inkjet print


The wedding cake on the table went unnoticed.

I turned my back on everyone and sneaked some cream in my mouth with fingers.

The cream tasted soft and stuck to my mouth all the time, damn, it was margarine.

I turned my back on everyone again and secretly smeared the rest of the cream under the table.

No one should see it.

25*25*12 cm
Stone clay, inkjet print


I turned on the faucet and rinsed myself over and over again. A steady stream of water sprayed rapidly onto my skin, as if in a frantic reminder that I was in the world where flesh has sense.

In my hand, I hold a key, a key that I secretly hid in my sleeve when I left the other world. As long as this key is still there, I can go back there and be my other self.

Let's rinse it over and over again, over and over again, until that day, until clean.


Candlesticks made of wax do not need candles.

There is no cotton thread to light, just to be stared at and praised for beauty, it is already shy to begin to melt.

Melting doesn't consume oxygen.

So, has this self-sacrifice of the candlestick changed anything in this space?

You know that the eyes can be hidden behind long bangs, the kind of eyes that can be lightly lowered so that the other party can't see the length of your eyes.

8*8*21 cm
Wax, wig, resin


The water is a ruthless exclusion zone, refusing any form of onlookers.

The clock is ticking and the aroma of the bread wafts across the ocean.

The sorrow drowner clings to the anchor of a sinking ship.

I Suck off the fluid from the tip of my index finger, and go away.


Fishing hooks made of clay are proud.

How can a fragile body withstand the struggle in the sea, these fish hooks were born not for fishing, born without this hard work, but they come from the land, the soil, they have a strong body in the inland areas. I stopped by the hooks for a long time, observing the weathering of the hemp ropes.

The fish hook can survive in this forbidden zone to a far future, but the hemp rope will not, it will soon lose its complete body. Then the fish hooks will go back to land in a way.


The meaning of watering is watering itself.

The wood grain sponge will suck up the last drop of water, but it will not bloom.